THE NEWWOMAN is a Re-Entry Program for Women Ex-Offenders. TNW mission is to reduce and prevent recidivism for women who were formerly incarcerated. That will be accomplished by providing access to high-quality education resources thereby helping develop essential, certified workplace skills, so they can all become positive, contributing members of society.

Porsha Session
Porsha schedules & manages the fundraising activities.

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​Social Media
Tanika helps us get the
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Kijafa Rahming-Harden
Chief Financial Officer
Kijafa manages the money to keep our organization flowing.
Kira Stone
​Community Outreach
Kira manages our ever-important relationships within the community.

DAUGHTERS WITH A DESTINY is a Mentoring Program. DWaD aims to change young girls lives. Its mission is to transform the lives of at-risk teen girls and prepare them for promising futures through education and jobs. Our goal is to increase college attendance among those who, based on several risk factors, are less likely to succeed academically.

​​ Reducing recidivism starts while women are incarcerated. We offer ideas and provide materials for future released female inmates, WOMEN EMPOWERED BEHIND WALLS and strongly encourage women to obtain their GED during their incarceration. It is difficult to find a job without a high school education, and it is impossible to support oneself and a family on a minimum-wage job. Education and job skills can be very valuable to the inmate when combined with other programming that helps build a sense of self. Completing certificate programs, obtaining a GED, and taking college courses can instill a sense of accomplishment as well as provide entry into a new job.

Educating, Empowering, Encouraging & Changing Women lives.

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